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3staffordshireAllJoseph TaylorNoHannah 1800101
4buckinghamshireStoke PogesBannisterNo1780205
6durhamAll HeughfNoAll-1
7buckinghamshireAllWilliam FordSoundexMary 1760254
8buckinghamshireAllWilliam FordNoMary 1760253
11derbyshireAll HawksleyNoAll-21
13durhamAllJohn SewillSoundex 18203014
14durhamAllJohn AllisonSoundex 18203029
15staffordshireWolverhampton S. PetThomas VennersNo 181751
16staffordshireWolverhampton S. Pet VennersNo All-1
18lincolnshireAll MelbankeNo All-2
19East Riding of YorkshireAllKirlewNoAll-28
22West Riding of YorkshireAllJames CarrNoAnn WilkinsonNo1789-1
23allAllJames CarrNoAnn WilkinsonNo1789-1

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