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Coat of Arms

'Azure a cross flory between four fleurs-de-lis or.'

The "coat of arms" is taken from the blazon in Papworth's Ordinary of British Armorials (1), the attribution is to a family of JENNER, Essex, JOYNER.

There are similar armorials on the same page:-

  1. 'Azure a cros patty between four fleurs-de-lis or.' JENNOUR, Essex.

  2. 'Azure a cross patonce between four fleurs-de-lis or.' ALVERSTON, Dunmore; JENOURE, Much Dunmow, Essex - Baronetcy 1628-1755; JENNOYRE, Essex: granted by Cooke.

  3. 'Azure a cros potent between four fleurs-de-lis or.' JENNER, Essex.

As I have found no JOYNER families in Essex, nor any other reference to arms being carried by JOYNER families I feel that the arms displayed above should probably not be claimed by any JOYNER or JOINER family even if they could prove descent from the original grantee. I think the original grantee was more than likely to have been a JENNER and the alternative spelling s indicated above have led to the JOYNER attribution.

I will, nevertheless, leave the page in place in the hope that someone can prove or disprove the attribution.
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  1. Papworth's Ordinary of British Armorials, T. Richard, London, 1874. P. 640
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