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JOINER of Wheathampstead, HRT

William JOYNER(c),
mar Mary FRENCH [born 1786] 18 Oct 1804 at Kimpton, HRT(3a)and had issue(b):-

  1. Marianne JOYNER bapt 29 Apr 1806 at Hitchin, HRT(3)
  2. William JOYNER bapt 13 Dec 1807 at Hitchin, HRT(3)
  3. John JOYNER bapt 29 Jul 1810 at Hitchin, HRT(3)
  4. Sarah JOYNER bapt 15 Sep 1811 at Hitchin, HRT(3)
  5. John JOYNER born 1814 at Hitchin, HRT(2,5,11),
    bapt 17 Jul 1814 at Hitchin, HRT(3),
    farm labourer at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1851-1881(1,2,5),
    widowed, living on his own means at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1891(7),
    mar Sarah PEDDER [born 1813 at Preston, HRT(1), dau of Henry PEDDER] 01 Aug 1840 at Hitchin, HRT(3,10) and had issue:-
    1. Jane JOYNER born 1834 at Preston, HRT(1d),
      straw plaiter at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1851(1)
    2. Emma JOYNER born 1840 at Hitchin, HRT(12)
    3. Frederick JOYNER born 1843 at Preston, HRT(1), Q1 1843 [VI 555]at Hitchin, HRT(4)
    4. Matilda JOYNER born 1844 at Preston, HRT(1), Q4 1844 [VI 527] at Hitchin, HRT(4),
      servant out of employment at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1871(5)
    5. Edward/Edmund JOYNER born 1847 at Preston, HRT(1),
      bapt 30 Oct 1853 at Wheathampstead, HRT(10),
    6. Henry JOYNER born 1850 at Preston, HRT(1),
      bapt 30 Oct 1853 at Wheathampstead, HRT(10),
      agricultural labourer at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1871(5)
    7. Sidney JOYNER born September 1853 at Wheathampstead, HRT(6),
      born Q3 1853 [3a 235] at St. Albans, HRT(4),
      bapt 30 Oct 1853 at Wheathampstead, HRT(10),
      bootmaker at Putney, LND in 1891-1901(8,13),
      bootmaker at Roehampton(6),
      mar Mary [born 1857 at Wheathampstead, HRT (8)] Q3 1884 [3a 669] at St. Albans, HRT(4) and had issue:-
      1. Percy Edward JOYNER born Jan 1887 at Wheathampstead, HRT(6),
        born Q2 1886 [3a 553] at St. Albans, HRT(4),
        architect's junior clerk at Putney, LND in 1901(8),
        emigrated to Canada early 1900's(6),
        died 02 Jun 1916(6)
      2. Harry Hugh JOYNER born ca 1888 at Wheathampstead, HRT(6),
        born Q4 1887 [3a 517] at St. Albans, HRT(4),
        mar Ethel(6)and had issue:-

    8. Charles JOYNER born 1856 at Wheathampstead, HRT(1),
      agricultural labourer at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1871(5),
      bricklayer's labourer at Wheathampstead, HRT in 1901(9),
      mar Catherine [born 1858 at Wheathampstead, HRT(9)], no issue found.

  6. Ann JOYNER bapt 02 Jun 1822 at Ippollitts, HRT(3)
  7. Charlotte JOYNER bapt 27 Sep 1826 at Hitchin, HRT(3)
  8. Frederick JOYNER bapt 05 Apr 1829 at Kings Walden, HRT(3)

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  1. (a) The IGI has this marriage as an entry supplied by a Member of the Church. The same marriage is not duplicated in the IGI extraction of the Kimpton Parish Register marriages whch cover this period! This needs checking.
  2. (b) Looking at the IGI entries for the Hitchin area for children born to William & Mary there seem to be two distinct groupings:-

  3. Are these two separate families? Or have we missed some children out in the "gap" between 1814-1822?
  4. (c) This William would have been born ca. 1780, given the date of the marriage. This would fit him exactly in with William JOINER son of William JOINER and Esther HILL, bapt 1780 at Hitchin, HRT. This William married a Mary and I have found two children, George (born 1825 at Preston, HRT) and Thomas (born 1826 at Hitchin, HRT).
  5. (d) Was Jane an earlier indiscretion of John's?


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