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JOINER of Watlington, OXF

Jonathan JOINER born 1780 at Watlington, OXF(1),
died 1859 at Watlington, OXF(1),
mar *(1) Martha HICKMAN [1784 - 1818(1)] 06 Jul 1807 at Watlington, OXF(1) and had issue:-

  1. Ann JOINER bapt 08 May 1808 at Watlington, OXF(2),
    mar Robert SHAW 22 Nov 1827 at Watlington, OXF(1).
  2. Joseph JOINER bapt 16 Sep 1810 at Watlington, OXF(2),
    master baker and publican (Three Crowns) at Watlington, OXF in 1861(5),
    baker at Watlington, OXF in 1881(6),
    died 1890 at Watlington, OXF(1),
    mar Letitia [born 1820 at Pishill, OXF(5)] or Mary [born 1818 at Pickett, OXF(6)] and had issue:-
    1. Mary A JOINER born 1843 at Pishill, OXF(5)
    2. Elizabeth JOINER born Q4 1844 [XVI 77] at Henley, OXF(3)
    3. Joseph Henry JOINER born Q3 1859 [3a 470] at Henley, OXF(3),
      painter at Watlington, OXF in 1881(6),
      house decorator and painter at Great Haseley, OXF in 1901(7),
      mar Frances [born 1860 in OXF(7) - no issue found.

  3. Henry JOINER bapt 07 May 1812 at Watlington, OXF(2)
  4. Sarah JOINER bapt 31 Mar 1816 at Watlington, OXF(2)
  5. Jonathan JOINER bapt 1818 at Watlington, OXF(1),
    mar Isabella McDOUGAL [born 1821 in SCT(4), died 1901(1)] 16 Jun 1845 at Watlington, OXF(1) and had issue:-
    1. Hannah Jane JOINER born 17 May 1846 at Watlington, OXF(1), Q2 1846 [XVI 88] at Henley, OXF(3),
      servant at Watlington, OXF in 1861(4),
      died 1917(1),
      mar Edwin LEE and had issue.
    2. Isabella JOINER born Q4 1848 [XVI 77] at Henley, OXF(3),
      mar Robert SHAW 16 Sep 1865 at Watlington, OXF(1) and had issue.
    3. Sarah JOINER born Q1 1851 [XVI 93] at Henley, OXF(3) and died 1856 at Watlington, OXF(1).
    4. Margaret JOINER born Q4 1853 [3a 433] at Henley, OXF(3)
    5. Sarah Joiner born 1856 at Watlington, OXF(1) and died 1934(1).

mar (2) Mary Jane CANE [born 1792 at Watlington, OXF(4)] 01 Mar 1819 at Watlington, OXF(1) - no issue found
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* IGI has this marriage as being to a Martha SADGROVE. Most of the data in the IGI for Watlington appears to arise from member submissions. I am, therefore, more than a little dubious about the correctness of such data except where it comes from Church extractions. Unfortunately, Watlington has only three such baptisms.
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