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Disclaimer for our Marriage Records

The Joiner Marriage Index neither claims to hold the complete record of each marriage nor to be the unique source for all the records it contains. As marriage certificates were only formally introduced after the Civil Resgistration Act of 1837 no marriage certificates are held by the Joiner Marriage Index.

No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of our data and you are always urged to seek the original entry for confirmation of the data. If you do find any errors I would appreciate being informed so that a correction can be made.

Presentation of the results is shown as per the example below:

Search for Richard Disney married to Mary Buttree in Lincolnshire shows 1 result.

ForenameSurnameOfStatusWife ForenameWife SurnameOfStatusDateParishNotes
1RichardDisneyMaryButtree29 Dec 1607West Allington

This result for this particular search is not necessarily complete, nor a fully inclusive set of the records held by the Joiner Marriage Index, but is merely used as an indication of the presentation. The results sent by email are presented in a comma-delimited format to allow easy transition of the data to a spreadsheet or database.

For the additions from other indexers the strictures about checking the original apply even more strongly. In several cases I have found there to be extensive discrepancies between the indexing I have done and the entries found in the added indexes which overlap my dates. This is not to imply either that the database has been devalued or that I consider my indexing to be error free. I would be utterly astounded if that were so. My indexing usually appears as primary (entered straight into the computer from the register) or secondary (entered into the computer from a transcription) whereas the additional indexes are tertiary at best (entered into the computer from a secondary index). It would be strange if errors had not occurred in either process.

It has come to light that there may be some large discrepancies in the work taken from parishes in Durham transcribed by the late Mr. W. E. Rounce. Work has started on checking these transcriptions but will, necessarily, take some time. The checking is adding some marriages to those transcribed by Bill and removing some from that parish. Where checking has shown that the entry does not occur in the parish to which it has been attributed in the database and it is not known what the actual parish is then the parish has been left as it was. This decision has been taken so that data will not be lost. Later checks may throw up the correct parish.

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