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"ALBURY (3 1/2 miles E. of Braughing Station) is a village near the river Ash. The church dedicated to St. Mary, dates from the fourteenth century ; it was recently restored. There was an earlier structure so far back as the days of Stephen, in whose reign Robert de Sigillo, gave the profits of the church at Eldeberei to Geoffery, first Treasurer of St. Paul's Church, London. An interesting will, dated 4th November, 1589, records that Marmaduke Bickerdy, Vicar of Aldebury, gave an acre of land in the neighbourhood to provide a sum for distribution among the poor on every Good Friday. In the chancel the mutilated effigies of a man and woman are said to represent Sir Walter de la Lee and his wife. Sir Walter sat in nine Parliaments in the interests of the county-at Westminster, Northampton and Cambridge, and was Sheriff of Herts and Essex. He died during the reign of Richard 11. Albury Hall, close by, is a fine old mansion, where the "Religeous, Just and Charitable" Sir Edward Atkins, Knight, and Baron of the Exchequer, died in 1669. The village is usually a quiet spot, with little business, but it is pleasantly situated ; the proximity of the river and some scattered cottages and farms enhance its attractiveness.

Albury End is a small hamlet about 1 mile S.W. of Albury.

[From Hertfordshire - Little Guide 1903, Methuen & Co., London, 1903]

Church History

There is a picture (81 kbytes) of the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Albury; supplied by Ian Rose.

Church Records

The Parish Registers for the periods:-

are deposited at Hertfordshire Record Office, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DE. [D/P1]

Entries from the Marriage Registers for the period 1558-1875 are included in The Allen Index at Hertfordshire Record Office.

The period 1558-1911 is covered by the IGI.

Transcripts of the parish registers for the period 1538-1904 are deposited at the Society of Genealogists, 14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Road, LONDON, EC1M 7BA.

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Description and Travel

"Spread-out parish with three population centres in typical East Hertfordshire country. The old centre is on high ground half a mile west of some newer development at Clapgate.

"St. Mary's Church has a miniature grandeur. the 13th-century chancel contains some very ordinary Victorian woodwork, a medieval screen of most tendril-like tracery, and some unusual Art Nouveauish brass plaques among the ancient ones. A whitewashed and clear-glazed 14th-century nave retains some original window tracery. The stone effigy of Sir Walter da la Lee's wife shows her unnaturally slim. A venerable iron-bound chest is of timber with the quality of fossilized sponge. Extensive views from an apon churchyard of a landscape puntuated by pylons. In the graveyard is an exotic flowering of Art Nouveau around the Shoobridge tomb: wrought iron rows of stiff lilies pointing heavenwards under a forest of scrolls, pinnacles and intricategrillework; speckled verdigris against the deeper green of the lime-tree avenue behind.

"A house called Labour in Vain was once an inn. The village pond is said to be as deep as the churchtower is high. At Patmore Heath (1m NE) is a nature reserve with some cottages dotted around its fringe, and Patmore Hall, half-hidden near the site of a deserted medieval village. On a misty morning the woodland of lanky hornbeams takes on the look of a Rowland Hilder water-colour."

[From Hertfordshire (a Shell Guide), R. M. Healey , Faber & Faber, London, 1982]
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