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"Boxmoor, now well known as a station on the London and Birmingham railway, is situated about one mile and a half west of Hemel Hempstead, of which town, together with Two Waters (where there are paper mills), and a number of small hamlets, it forms a populous suburb. The principal interest attached to this place arises from the views it affords of the railroad and one of its highly curious skew bridges. The Gade and the Bourne rivers here untie; the latter is locally denominated the 'warm' Bourne, from the early appearance and abundance of the trout in it - a circumstance that attracts many anglers to its banks in the fishing season, who are comfortably accommodated in the house called the 'Fishery In.' A new chapel of ease, and others for baptists and independents, are the places of worship here."
[From Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of Herts, Pigot & Co., London, 1839]

Church Records

The Parish Registers for the periods:-

are deposited at Hertfordshire Record Office, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DE. [D/P47D]

Entries from the Marriage Registers for the period 1830-1837 are included in The Allen Index at Hertfordshire Record Office.

see also Hemel Hempstead

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