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Joiner / Joyner One Name Study.

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The linked pages contain the up to date state of the JOINER family tree which I have linked to myself. I am also adding pages giving other lines of interest. I am afraid that most of the data is currently for Great Britain. It is my intention to accumulate data world-wide. So if you have data you would like linking to this site, please let me know. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

If you believe you are descended from anyone on these pages, please contact me. If you are interested in joining the search for all JOINERs everywhere, please contact me.

The data I have is the starting point for a Joiner / Joyner one name study. I have registered the interest with The Guild of One-Name Studies.

So far I have all the data from the IGI, the British Isles Vital Records Index, the 1881 Census of England and Wales and the Soldiers Died in the Great War; and I am slowly accumulating data from the General Register Office indexes

The coverage to date is for all instances of JOINER and JOYNER for the following periods.



I am storing the data on Pedigree and trying to link families together where I can. As I get decent sized trees I will put them on the site. (see below)

This site is not large enough to allow me to load up all the linked families as yet because of space limitations but further details can be obtained from me.


You have a choice of approaches into the trees:-

I am sorry that this area of the site has been butchered somewhat in order to eliminate living people as a response to the implications of The Data Protection Act 1998, which came into force on 01 March 2000.

Related to me

redball bulletLink to me
redball bulletLink to John JOYNER (born abt. 1682) currently the top of the tree.
redball bulletLink to Aldenham, HRT family (possibly giving a link to John JOYNER (above))

redball bulletLink to my maternal line of descent

There is also a Name Index for all people appearing on the above pages.

JOINER in Hertfordshire

I have hopes that these familes can eventually be linked to my family from Buckinghamshire (above).
I am gradually building up the familes as I see them from the data I have.

redball bulletLink to Barkway, HRT family of five generations.
redball bulletLink to Hatfield, HRT family of four generations.
redball bulletLink to Hitchin, HRT family of six generations.
redball bulletLink to Charles JOINER of St. Albans, HRT family of three generations. (This family links to the Hitchin, HRT family above.)
redball bulletLink to Kings Langley, HRT family which is headed by a George from Chesham, BKM.
redball bulletLink to St. Albans, HRT family of five generations.
redball bulletLink to Wheathampstead & Hitchin, HRT family of three generations (under construction).

Unrelated Trees

These trees (to which I hope to add as time goes by) are a result of my work linking the many source events I have gathered from the data extraction programme mentioned above. Much of the work is highly conjectural, if not complete guess-work, and I would appreciate it if you could notify me of any errors or inconsistencies. I have not indexed the listings of these families as it would be less than informative on the whole.

redball bulletLink to Worminghall, BKM family of four generations.
redball bulletLink to Woodsford, DOR family of seven generations.
redball bulletLink to Watlington, OXF family of three generations.
redball bulletLink to Tillington and Fittleworth, SSX family of six generations. (One branch of this family emigrated to Australia and that tree can be found below.)
redball bulletLink to Cheltenham, GLS family of four generations - branch to Peterborough, NTH.
redball bulletLink to Newent and Gloucester, GLS family of four generations - branch to Burton-on-Trent, STS.
redball bulletLink to Coaley, GLS family of four generations. There is a possible link to the JOYNER family of Hallen, Henbury and Bristol, GLS (below).
redball bulletLink to Henbury and Bristol, GLS family for the bare bones of which I am indebted to Antony Downe.
redball bulletLink to Woodnesborough and Staple, KEN family of six generations.
redball bulletLink to Stoke on Trent, STS family of three generations.
redball bulletLink to Baddesley Clinton, WAR family of four generations spreading into Aston, WAR and St. Pancras, MDX.
redball bulletLink to 2 Yorkshire families possibly linked, originating in Northamptonshire.

I have grouped the following familes together since I believe them all to be linked (if we can find the right connections!)

redball bulletLink to three Broadway, WOR families which are hopefully linked to the Churchill, OXF family (below) via Blockley, WOR.
redball bulletLink to two Bampton, OXF families which are linked to the Churchill, OXF family (below) and spread out to Worcester, WOR and Cheshunt, HRT.
redball bulletLink to Churchill, OXF family of six generations spreading out to Cherrington and Shipston-on-Stour, WAR and Blockley, WOR.
redball bulletLink to three Moreton in Marsh, GLS families of two or three generations.
redball bulletLink to a Hatton, WAR family of three generations.
redball bulletLink to an Ilmington, WAR family of three generations.
redball bulletLink to a Sheldon, Maxstoke and Solihull, WAR family of four generations.
redball bulletLink to two Claverdon, WAR families of three generations.

Overseas Trees

For these trees I am indebted to the researchers who have accumulated the data and have allowed me to use it on this site.

redball bullet Link to an Australian tree descended from Charles JOINER of Fittleworth, SSX (see above)

redball bulletLink to South African family of four generations after emigration from Norfolk.
I would be particularly pleased to find more about the origins of this family since William George JOINER, who was born at Norwich, NFK in 1855, died at Chesham Bois, BKM where my branch of the family came from. If anyone can find a link please let me know.

redball bulletLink to New England, USA family. A very large tree (in the process of construction) developed over some 40 years descending from a HRT family which emigrated in 1635.


About the "coat of arms" at the head of the page.


For assistance in reading the pages, and for the conventions used please click here.

The Chapman county codes are those now taken as standard throughout family history research.

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