Help on JOINER Family history

How to read the family tree

Click on underlined names to move up and down to other pages. When you click on a link you will go to that person on a new page. Clicking on their name on THAT page will take you back to the page you started from. The link from the top of a page is to that person's parents.

Links (and names) in BOLD lettering are for main line ancestors.

Collateral line(s) will show as a normal link, but not in bold.


Most abbreviations are those used generally in genealogical writings and include the following. Other abbreviations encountered will mostly be self explanatory.
 admin		administration of person's estate after their death 
 ag lab         agricultural labourer
 bapt		baptised 
 bur		buried 
 ca		circa (about that date) 
 dau		daughter 
 dsp		died without issue (defunctus sine proles - latin)
 mar		married 
 yrs		years

The Chapman county codes are those now taken as standard throughout family history research.